Your existing devices

No additional hardware costs1

Most workstations and laptops in your firm are equipped with 500GB or 1TB disks which are often unused. With EDS you can utilize them as network file storage.

Company owned assets are great candidates because they are:

  • already connected to your corporate network, no extra setup needed
  • trusted, include the latest security patches
  • physically isolated, the data are more likely to survive disastrous events
  • rolled out periodically, hardware remains up to date, which results in less failures

Security is a top priority

  • Enterprise Data Storage is an on-premise solution which means you're in control. Your data does not leave your systems.
  • Your data is encrypted in transfer and at rest2.
  • Data access is protected by individual user access rights. You choose what to share with whom.
  • Your data is replicated to multiple computers to minimize chances of data loss.
  • Every file is protected with cryptographic algorithms to ensure they are tamper-free and confidential.
  • EDS can act as either hot or cold storage, depending on each file's classification level.
Information security
Environment friendly technology

Environment friendly

By utilizing unused disk space instead of buying hard drives, your company votes against global warming and you reduce your ecological footprint. The energy consumption of EDS is also minimal, because the connected devices would be powered on for work anyway.

  1. Excluding the central orchestrator server costs.
  2. Data is encrypted before being stored on devices and transferred via HTTPS.